The pieces below are papers presented at symposia or conferences by colleagues and myself. Some are published, others are work in progress. We welcome comments on these pieces.

Bali: representations of culture (International Bali Studies Conference 2012)

Fox, R. The idea of Balinese tradition: on history, teleology and offerings.

Hobart, M. Bali is a battlefield.

Theodoridou, N. Do the Balinese have theatre?

Wakeling, K. Theory's object: representing Balinese music-making.


How Indonesians Argue - First symposium 2015

Fox, R. Tradition as argument.

Hobart, M.  Background to How Indonesians Argue.

Hobart, M. Beyond words.

Picard, M. The polemics between Surya Kanta (1925-1927) and Bali Adnjana (1924-1930).

Theodoridou, N. Basa Bapak-Bapak and What is the point of speaking?

Wakeling, K. Music as argument.

How Indonesians Argue - Second symposium 2015

Fox, R. Of family, futures and fear in a Balinese ward.

Hobart, M. Of popes and soaps.

Hobart, M. Talking to God.

Picard, M. From Agama Hindu Bali to Agama Hindu.

Worsley, P. The games painters play.